Channel Partners

Consultants, accountants, CPAs and attorneys are giving advice every day, and PayDataUSA would like to be your first recommendation for payroll services. Channel Partnerships allow you to resell PayDataUSA’s services in a wholesale/resale type scenario, without the hassles or costs of operating a service company.  Our services can be privately labeled to suit your needs and customize the workflow to allow you to have as much or as little control of the process as you like. Also, as a channel partner, you can receive discounted services and special promotions that benefit your own company and clients. PayDataUSA Channel Partners enjoy the benefits of offering their clients premiere employer services, in addition to adding a great revenue stream for their business.

Software Solutions

If you currently process payrolls and would like to have a tool to save time and money, we are your solution. Keep your clients and use our complete payroll/HR solution with superior customer support. PayDataUSA will provide you with the most flexible, customizable, efficient payroll software allowing you to provide your clients with the highest level of payroll services.  Process thousands of payrolls easily and efficiently allowing each client to feel as if they are second to none. Your clients will receive all of the services we offer, while allowing you to brand them as your own.   Work with PayDataUSA to build your own pricing structure to allow even more control, while knowing that we are here to keep your payroll software in compliance with all tax laws nationwide.

Referral Partners

If reselling payroll is more than you wish to venture into, then our referral partnerships still allow you to earn revenue as you refer your clients to PayDataUSA.