Time Simplicity – Advanced Scheduling with Reduce Labor Costs and Improve Compliance Do you have unnecessary overtime eating up your budget? TimeSimplicity will notify you BEFORE overtime occurs. Use our scheduling features to help keep hours within guidelines and avoid compliance violations. Communicating the need for extra shifts and allowing your employees to pick them up at will can improve the morale. Shift accountability to employees and see increase in productivity when implementing communication between employees with online quick shift trading. Online shift trades enable managers to quickly fill open shifts and will eliminate the time frustration of going back to the drawing board to create a new schedule.

Save time and reduce errors by creating reusable templates to implement current and future schedules. Get the right employee for the right job. By keeping in-depth employee profiles you can qualify the right person to do the job, everytime. Storing employee status and tracking certifications allow you to fulfill compliance requirements for (ACA, PBJ, FLSA). Allow TimeSimplicity to reduce your compliance risk, manage your workforce, and eliminate unnecessary overtime.

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