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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit has become a major time and money saver for employers. Employees can spend hours of their time going to the bank on payday, not to mention the time it takes for you to void and reissue lost checks. Direct deposit is not only a convenience for employees anymore, but it is to you as well. Make your reconciliation process that much easier by drafting your account on payday and only having only one transaction, rather than the numerous checks written each payday. Employees have the option to split their pay into multiple accounts, and on payday they will receive a voucher with all the same information as if they received a check stub along with the amount deposited into their bank account(s).

Taking advantage of this option is easy. As an employer, you simply fill out one agreement that promises your funds are readily available. You and your employees are allowed to bank anywhere of your choosing and still participate in direct deposit. Employees simply provide a voided check and fill out the DD Agreement that we provide, and we do the rest. It only takes one pay period to activate their account. If you have employees who do not have bank accounts, please read about our rapid! PayCard we offer. If you are looking to reduce the amount of paper in your office, you can choose to use our Paperless Payroll option and eliminate paper as well as a delivery charge.