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Payroll and Tax Services

At PayDataUSA, we have an accurate and comprehensive payroll cycle to make payroll less demanding on you. You have many choices to get exactly what you want from your payroll service.

Once you have collected your payroll data, you choose how you get the information to us. This can be through email, fax, mobile phone, network PC, or any other means you may have. You will be provided a worksheet prepared each pay period listing all pays and deductions and any limits you have set with employees. You only need to provide the hours and any changes or additions and the rest is up to us. This worksheet can be faxed, emailed or called in to your payroll specialist. If you use a time clock, we will work with you to customize an interface to make it that much easier.

As soon as your payroll is submitted, it is processed immediately. Those in the immediate areas have the option to receive their payroll packet the very same day. If you are in the surrounding areas unable to meet the same-day option you can receive your package as early as the very next morning. For your convenience and security we can print signatures on your checks and have them in an envelope, ready to distribute as soon as you have possession of your package.

Paperless Payroll

Using our Paperless Payroll package allows you to keep your payroll reports conveniently on your PC. This eliminates having to be in the office when your package arrives. As an employer, you like to keep payroll reports in one confidential area, and paper is not always the best option. You can receive your payroll reports via email in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. You can even password protect your file to make sure you are the only person to open the file the first time. You can then back these reports up to your PC and keep them for as long as you need, without losing shelf space or having to flip through paper reports again. If all of your employees are on direct deposit or pay/debit cards, you can eliminate a delivery charge and print out your vouchers on site.

Job Costing

Controlling costs in the construction industry is not an easy task. There is an unlimited amount of jobs we can track the payroll cost for. Many employees can work a number of different jobs in the payroll cycle. Give us the hours pertaining to each job for each employee, and you can receive a report detailing what your cost, as an employer, is for each job.

Certified Payrolls

Working for the government can require a daily detail of your payroll. Our system can provide you a report that will detail the daily payroll for your company. You can send in data on a daily basis to save time at the end of the payroll period.

General Ledger Services

We are able to provide you a general ledger report using your general ledger account numbers. This report can be as detailed or as simple as you need, all in a concise, easy-to-read report. Accountants and bookkeepers really like this report because it can provide them with all the information they need on a per-payroll basis. If you use Quick Books, we have an export utility for you that will make your job less time-consuming and more accurate. We also have a generic export that will work with many other accounting systems.

Tax Services

Paying taxes is one of the most important aspects in processing your payroll, so we allow you to determine the level of assistance you would like us to provide you in filing your payroll taxes.

The most comprehensive tax filing is our Complete Tax Filing program. With this method, we impound all taxes per pay period, file all returns, and make all payments on your behalf. This service protects you from paying any dreadful penalties. Your 940 and 941 payments to the IRS will be paid electronically using the EFTPS system. The State Withholding and Unemployment taxes will be filed electronically as each state allows. The Local Returns are filed according to each jurisdiction’s filing requirements. At the end of each quarter you will receive a packet that include copies of all the returns filed and taxes paid on your behalf. You can relax and forget about making any more special trips to the post office or bank to make deadlines anymore.

Our Simple Tax Filing Program is an option to receive complete and detailed information regarding your payroll taxes and the dates they are due. We provide you all state and federal tax returns–signature-ready–along with copies for your records. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions and sign the forms. Many employers who use this method often opt for PayDataUSA to automatically generate their tax checks. These are included with the payroll packet that ends the period for which each tax is due. This allows for easy mailing to the proper agencies when included with the tax return.

Included with either option you will also receive reports of your employees’ earnings records for the quarter and year. These reports can be used to help reconcile and are great for auditing information.